We are inspired by "Cradle to Grave" principles

& we use them extensively in our design processes where it makes sense.

 We share our eco / societal goals with

our suppliers, our team members,

& most importantly,

our supporters.


1.  Craft durable carry goods to be loved during your lifetime

We aim to craft timeless, thoughtful, durable designs that motivates their owners to cherish them and the values they stand behind.


2.  Reduce waste & adopt recyclable materials where they make sense.

Durable goods that lasts your lifetime reduces waste. 

We believe every bit counts,

that is why we do our best to maximize use of recyclable materials where reasonably possible. 


 3.  Enrich our stakeholders with knowledge & opportunities.

We believe knowledge will change our world for the better.  

We bring to communities our skills and along opportunities that would improve their family livelihoods.

Your support gave us the chance to survive & strive, 

we believe in passing it down the line.