If you are new to KICKSTARTER, here are 3 things you should know:

Crowdfunding helps us give more value to our backers by eliminating expensive store rentals and overheads;

giving us more resources to focus on good design, immaculate workmanship and customer satisfaction.

With 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns fulfilled, we bring you our 3rd campaign:  

Black Ops:  The only anti-theft & personal safety bag you ever need.

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Black Ops  (noun)  

a secret mission or campaign carried out by a military, governmental, or other organization, typically one in which the organization conceals or denies its involvement:  

Whether you are on vacation or commuting to work, Black Ops will protect your property and your safety discretely.

Pickpockets can't cut through Black Ops

Made with the same anti-cut fabric used by military & law enforcement agencies

Let's pit black ops against an arrow!

Just loop, lock and go have fun!

Focus on your dinner date, black ops will keep your valuables safe.

Hidden pockets in shoulder straps

Fire Starter kit right in your sternum strap

Each day, an estimated 3,400 people are killed globally in road accidents!

3 light sequence ( TRON | SLOW FLASH | RAPID FIRE )

Interior lights means no more searching the dark abyss of your bag.

Spacious enough for a mac book air

instant power

music on the go!

Black Ops fits snugly to your back!

Tough parts for a tough bag

Rip-Stop Nylon Lining = lightweight + tough

By backing this project, you are helping to turn our dreams into reality. 

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Crowdfunding allows small workshops like us to design & craft without  the stress of hefty rents and middlemen.   

In turn, we are able to focus on giving value and quality to our supporters.

 Thank you once again for your trust & support!

A glimpse of our humble workshop 

We are February 29 Artisans. We create functional and thoughtful carry solutions.